Your feedback helps us to learn and improve our services, as well as understand your views and get things right the first time.

We produce this report every year to keep you informed about the feedback you have given us and the what we are doing to improve our customer service. 

Be clearer about what we will do and what you need to do

What we're doing

  • We are improving our website so that you can access information online more easily, including more specific information about your home and community
  • We are uploading our policies onto the website and will provide you with a copy on request
  • We are producing videos to explain what we do, including the role of a Housing Officer and advice about Anti Social Behaviour

Provide regular updates on the progress of issues

What we're doing

  • We are launching a new fully integrated IT system that allows communication updates to be scheduled, helping our colleagues to know who they need to contact and when
  • Delivering Customer Service training to all front-line colleagues
  • Upgrading our online “My Account” to allow you to track the status of current repairs and issues

Diagnose faults correctly and fix things quickly

What we're doing

  • We have introduced a specialist company who will investigate damp and mould concerns in your home
  • We have started using digital technology that uses mobile phone cameras, allowing us to see the issue and agree what work needs to be done
  • We are re-tendering for our Out of Hours contract so that services are the same for everyone
  • We are developing a series of self-help videos so that you can carry out minor repairs safely, if you choose to

Keep to agreed times for appointments

What we're doing

  • We are looking at introducing digital technology that may reduce the number of times we need to visit you at your home
  • We’ve introduced digital sign ups for customers moving into a new home
  • We are developing our website to allow you to book an appointment slot for repairs

Make it easier for you to talk to us

What we're doing

  • We will introduce live chat via the website so that you can contact us easily 
  • We’ve introduced a communication tool for customers who are hard of hearing and use sign language to contact us via their phone
  • Our duty officers are available during normal working hours and are there to provide advice and support when your normal contact is not available
  • We are committed to providing numerous ways for you to contact us – by phone, email, website and social media

We want to hear from you

We welcome feedback from our customers as this gives us the chance to improve our services. So whether you have a complaint, compliment or some other feedback you would like to share with us we would like to hear from you.

If you require any further information relating to our customer feedback policy, please contact our Service Improvement team on 0300 123 8080.

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