At LiveWest we share a common mission – a home for everyone - and each of us takes pride in contributing to that.  


Our values underpin the way we work together, and how we provide services to our customers. There is a strong team spirit within LiveWest and we believe that together we deliver. 


We are a large employer in the South West. Approximately 1,400 talented people deliver services across a variety of fields. We like to grow our own - attracting and developing a wide pool of talent that exists in the communities we serve. 

About us

If you are keen to learn and share a passion for our mission, LiveWest is the place to launch or develop your career. We understand that progression doesn’t just mean a promotion and that people want different things from their careers. The options for development within LiveWest are diverse and centred around the individual. This can involve mentoring, working towards a professional qualification, or even taking a secondment to expand your knowledge. 


We recognise that to live a balanced and happy life, we need to take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing. This means paying attention to our physical health, prioritising sleep and relaxation, and making time for personal growth.

Juggling different aspects of our lives can be challenging. Sometimes it can leave us feeling out of control.

We are committed to creating a work environment where colleagues can talk openly about their mental health. To help ensure this, we have signed the social movement pledge, Time to Change. This aims to 'change how we think and act about mental health in the workplace'.

All employees can access our wellbeing portal, which provides an array of relevant resources, including initiatives to help destigmatise mental health.  We also have a group of dedicated wellbeing champions who help to support our wellbeing approach.

Our values

Our values support our strategy, help shape our culture and describe what makes us different. We are customer focussed. We challenge convention. Together we deliver. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We’re committed to being fair, inclusive and supporting diversity for all of our customers, colleagues and stakeholders. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy explains what this means at LiveWest.

Photo of our volunteers doing gardening


We support our colleagues in giving back to our communities.  Everyone in our organisation is entitled to four days of volunteering leave.  This can include upgrading facilities in many of our young people’s schemes, to gardening and tree planting. Volunteering is a great way for our colleagues to do something different, work together, and show off a dazzling array of different skills. 

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