Drugs or alcohol

We’re getting more reports about drug and alcohol problems at the moment, especially relating to the smell of cannabis. We’re not able to deal with this alone, so would ask you to follow the advice on our website. If it is safe to do so, having a polite conversation with your neighbour may help the situation. If you are worried about speaking with your neighbour, you can download our standard Dear Neighbour card or our Dear Neighbour card for use during the coronavirus lockdown.

You can report problems about drug use or drug dealing by calling the police 101. If you think someone is in immediate danger, please call 999. If the police have already taken some action or they are able to share information with us, we may be able to support you further. Please give us the names and log numbers of the police officers so that we can contact them.

Drug use

If you feel that someone is using drugs in their own home, please report this to the police on 101. It is unlikely that we would be able to deal with this problem without the support of the police or another agency.

Drug dealing

This is a serious issue and you should report this to the police. Please let us know the log number or the police officer you spoke to by using our online reporting form.


Cuckooing is where drug dealers take over someone’s home, often because a person is vulnerable and cannot stop this from happening. You may see different people coming and going from the home. If you are worried about someone's safety please report this to the police and let us know using our online reporting form.

County lines

County lines involves drug dealers from different areas moving into smaller towns. The dealers may take over a vulnerable person’s home. You may see different people coming and going from the home. County lines is a serious issue and if you are worried please report this to the police and also let us know by using our online reporting form.


If you are concerned about underage drinking, or someone supplying alcohol to young people, please report this to the police by calling 101.

If you are concerned about people drinking alcohol and causing anti-social behaviour, please report this to us using our online reporting form.


The lockdown is having an impact on all of us. The restrictions on outdoor activities and closure of schools are forcing people to stay home for longer, and this may cause increased noise levels and perceived antisocial behaviour. We ask for your patience and tolerance, whilst considering that everyone is in a stressful situation at the moment.

It may mean that you are able to hear more noise from your neighbours or are more irritated by it as you are in a stressful situation. Please look at each category of behaviour for advice and guidance about what can be done, and report problems to us if needed. Please consider whether you think the behaviour is intended to be antisocial, and is it causing or likely to cause you or your family significant harm?

If you are worried about the safety of a neighbour, please have a look at our domestic abuse or safeguarding advice.