Get involved

We want to give all our customers the opportunity to understand how our business works and influence how our services are delivered. Take a look at the numerous resident engagement activities you can get involved in.

How you can get involved

There are many different ways you can give us your views, from taking part in a quick survey or attending a focus group or even joining our customer scrutiny group, InFocus.

Register your interest in getting involved here


InFocus is the name of our customer scrutiny group. We currently have over 40 members who are located across the the South West  They work in partnership with the business to help:

  • Make sure our customers’ priorities are heard and acted upon.
  • Review our performance and focus on key issues for us to address.
  • Act as a sounding board for proposed changes to service delivery and policies. 
  • Consider value of money and help identify what services our customers’ value.
  • Identify and celebrate what we are doing well.

The group have been working with us since May 2019 and in that time they have helped us to shape our

  • Customer Services strategy
  • Customer Engagement strategy
  • Annual report for customers
  • Empty Homes Standard.

If you are interested in finding out more about InFocus please contact us.

Your views matter to us

Take part in our exciting campaigns for you to give your views on our different services, strategies and policies. 

If it's once a month or even once a year we really want to hear what you have to say.  We’ll be asking for your views in a variety of ways, including surveys, polls, questionnaires and focus groups.

Take a look at how your feedback has helped to develop our services here.

Find out about the Together with Tenants campaign.

Join us on social media

Join us on social media

Do you use Facebook?  If so why not join our YourViews Facebook Group, you can find out more about what has been going on and how you can share your thoughts and opinions on a range of topics.  

Estate Service Champions

Estate Service Champions

Our Estate Services Champions work in partnership with us to gather feedback on how our grounds maintenance, communal cleaning and communal fire alarm contractors are performing. 

Find out more about our Estate Service Champions here.

Our Estate Service Champions initiative has been shortlisted for an ECCC Award.

Ways we can support you

We want to make it easy for you to be involved, so we:

  • Provide training and support so that you can develop and enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • Provide additional support  in order for you to participate in engagement activities.
  • Provide information in alternative formats and languages.
  • Lend or provide IT equipment where required.
  • Pay travel expenses and help arrange travel if needed.
  • Pay child care and carer costs.

Our Customer Engagement team can help you in a number of other ways too. Meet our Customer Engagement team here.

Shared ownership home

Shared Ownership Virtual Panel

Do you live in a shared ownership home?  Would you like to work with us to improve the services that you receive? Join our Shared Ownership Virtual Panel today.  

As part of the group, we will ask for your feedback about our services and proposed improvements. 

The group meets virtually every 6-8 weeks on a Thursday from 6.30-7.30pm. 

Join the group here.

Procurement opportunities

When we look to procure services, whether this is hiring grounds maintenance contractors, or selecting the design of the taps in your new home, it’s important that we provide our customers with opportunities to be involved in these decisions. 

To support you to get involved in these opportunities, we can provide full training help you to learn about how to procure services and be part of procurement interviews.

Recent examples of procurement projects have been around reviewing our contracts, selecting an out of hours emergency provider and selecting cleaning contractors.  

We are committed to make sure you can join in by providing support towards childcare and travel expenses.

Sign up here if you would like to get involved.

Residents' associations

Residents’ associations are groups of residents who work together to improve where they live. 

It’s a great opportunity for our customers to share ideas, solve problems and have a say in how things are run. Typically activities include organising and running social or educational events.