Solving ongoing issues with your boiler

This includes issues with re-pressurising gas or oil boilers.

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Have you adjusted the pressure indicator on the pressure gauge on your boiler? Back to top

Most boiler re-pressurising can be done from the lever located directly underneath your boiler. You will only need to make a small and slow adjustment turn to increase the pressure. Please see your boiler instruction manual or do an internet search to find out how to do this on your specific boiler model. 

Have you restarted your boiler? Back to top

There is no harm in turning your boiler off and then on again. The buttons are made for use and you can refer to your instruction manual or do an internet search to find out how to do this.

Is your gas meter working? Back to top

Meter issues are the responsibility of the gas supplier. If you have a low battery notice on your meter or it is a meter fault (of any description) please contact your gas supplier.

Check for fault codes Back to top

Is there a fault code flashing on the front of the boiler?

If it is flashing, put the fault code, make and model of your boiler into Google, (for example Boiler Make - Glow Worm Model - 30CXi Fault code - F1). This should help you see what the problem is.
If your fault code says “low central heating system pressure”, or “temperature fault”, check the pressure gauge and top up as required.

If your fault code says "no ionisation", or "interrupted gas supply", try resetting the boiler. If this still does not solve the problem, please contact us.

Does your boiler not show any fault codes?  Back to top

If you have an older style boiler which doesn’t show fault codes, please contact us so we can help to identify the issue.