Can you check the power supply? Back to top

Check the heater is plugged in and switched on. If there is no power there might be a loose connection or wires out of place. An engineer will need to check this.

Have you checked the setting on your storage heater input? Back to top

  • Your night storage heater input control determines how much heat your heater stores overnight. 
  • How high you set the input depends on how chilly you think the temperature will be the next day.
  • If you think it will be cold, turn the setting up. If not, turn it down.
  • The higher the setting, the more electricity the heater will use, and it will also cost more to run. 
  • Changes made to your input setting won’t take place until the following day.

Have you checked the setting on your storage heater output? Back to top

  • Your output control determines how fast the heat escapes from your storage heater. 
  • The higher the setting, the faster the heat will escape.
  • Even on the lowest setting, the heater will still release stored heat. 
  • Think about your daily routine and adjust your output control to suit this. 

Making the heat from your night storage heater last longer Back to top

  • To make the heat last the day, put your output dial on the lowest setting when you go to bed and for most of the day.
  • If you get colder in the evening, you can turn the dial up higher to let the remaining heat to escape faster.
  • Turn the dial of the output setting back to the lowest setting before going to bed. 
  • If you’re in the house all day, try setting it to the lowest setting to make the heat last longer.
  • Try to avoid using plug in heaters. This could cost more, and it is more effective to turn up the heat on your storage heater instead.       

Have you checked the thermostat? Back to top

  • If safe to do so, remove the front cover of the heater to check if the thermostat is on. Check it is displaying the correct temperature or reset it if needed.
  • If the thermostat looks to be working then the problem may be the element. Please contact us as engineer will need to replace this.