Problems with your heating

Do you have hot water, but no heating? Back to top

Do you have a combination boiler? If so please check your room stat/programmer. Is it flashing? Some are radio frequency controlled and the batteries may need replacing.

Do you have gas and no heating or hot water? Back to top

Do you have another gas appliance such as a cooker?

Try lighting the hob. If it lights you have a gas supply. If it does not light, please check your gas supply.

If you pay for your gas quarterly

  • Make sure the yellow gas cock directly below the boiler is in the on/open position

If you pay using a top-up card

  • Check the LCD screen on your gas meter – does it say "ON"?
  • It if does not say ON your meter has locked out. Please insert your top-up card and follow the instructions on the gas meter screen.

Check for fault codes Back to top

Is there a fault code flashing on the front of the boiler?

If it is flashing, put the fault code, make and model of your boiler into Google, (for example Boiler Make - Glow Worm Model - 30CXi Fault code - F1). This should help you see what the problem is.
If your fault code says “low central heating system pressure”, or “temperature fault”, check the pressure gauge and top up as required.

If your fault code says "no ionisation", or "interrupted gas supply", try resetting the boiler. If this still does not solve the problem, please contact us.

Check the pressure on your boiler Back to top

Please look for a small round pressure gauge with a number bar of 1-3. Check to see if the pressure is over 1 bar. If not, attempt to top up to 1 bar using the silver braided hose with two valves on either end of the hose.