Fitting curtain rails and shelving

This includes all provision, fitting, maintenance and repairs.

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Measuring up

  • You will first need to measure and mark where you will fit the curtain pole. You should aim to position the pole so that the curtain hangs as you would prefer it on the wall, such as just above the floor or just below the bottom of the window. 
  • Calculate the height and the length of the curtain drop and remember to factor in whether the curtain hangs from eyelets or curtain pole rings and the weight of the fabric.
  • The end brackets should be at least 50mm along from the side of the window recesses, or more if you have thick curtains, and at least 50mm up from the top of the window. 
  • Use a step ladder high and safe enough to allow you to fit the pole without having to reach. Do not try to fit the curtain rail by balancing on a chair.
  • To find the position for the curtain pole centre bracket, measure the full length of the window and mark the halfway point of this distance.
  • Next mark the drop height of your curtains.   
  • Using a spirit level check the middle marker is level on the wall.
  • Using a pipe and cable detector, check that there isn’t any pipework or cables behind the part of wall you are planning to drill into. 

Fitting the curtain pole

  • Before drilling into the wall, ensure you are wearing a dust mask and safety goggles.
  • Drill a pilot hole into the marked location for the centre bracket.
  • Once you have made the hole, fit a Rawlplug into it.
  • Once the Rawlplug is in place, get your screw ready with the drill and start fitting the screw into the Rawlplug. Do not screw this in fully at this point as you will still need to fit the curtain pole bracket.
  • Place the pole bracket over the screw. 
  • Once this is in place, drill a second screw into the second hole on the curtain pole bracket. Do not over tighten this as this as it could damage the wall plaster.
  • Once the centre bracket is up, you will need to repeat these steps on the right hand side of the window.
  • You will now need to measure how much gather distance you need to leave at the end of the curtain pole for open curtains. 

Fitting the curtains

  • Before fitting, bunch the curtains up and measure the distance across the gathered fabric to see how much space you will need to leave at the end of the curtain pole, for example 100mm.
  • Mark the curtain gather measurement from the outside of the window with a measuring tape.
  • With the spirit level and making sure the bubble renders in the middle of the spirit level, mark this position with a pencil.
  • Using the centre bracket as a marker, use the spirit level to create a straight line on the right hand side, with a new bracket. Mark where you will need to drill the next hole.
  • Attach this curtain bracket into position in the same way as the first. 
  • Once complete on the right hand side, repeat the process on the left hand side.
  • You can now start to hang the curtain. 
  • Feed the curtain pole through the curtain and lift the pole into position onto the three curtain pole brackets.
  • Before securing into place, ensure the grub screw on the curtain pole is hidden from view and is facing the wall. 
  • Once one curtain is up, repeat this on the other side and the process will be complete.