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2 September

Watch out for slips, trips and falls in your home

The most common injuries that our customers experienced in their homes last year were caused by slips, trips and falls. Here's some tips about what you can do to keep safe.

We want to support you to follow our initiative 'don't walk on by’, which encourages both our colleagues and customers to be proactive and raise any health and safety concerns about what they see in our homes, for example this could be a damaged step, a leaking pipe or a wet floor. 

If you notice an item that is our responsibility to fix, please report this to us using our Solve an issue tool

Keeping safe in your home

Keep a look out for these items which may cause you to slip in your home:

  • cleaning - wet floors or trailing power leads
  • flooring - moss on pathways or uneven paving slabs
  • dealing with spillages, running, poor housekeeping, using mobile phones whilst walking, lack of concentration
  • contamination – spills or leaks
  • environment - inadequate or incorrect lighting, glare from sun, snow and ice
  • footwear - contaminated soles or tread wear
  • uneven steps and surfaces holes or gaps.

By ‘not walking on by’ any of these issues, you will be keeping yourself and your home a safer place.

How can you reduce the risk of falls?
We encourage you to be more aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to your personal housekeeping skills and think about others that may not be aware of any hazards that we might have created or overlooked.

What can you do?

Here are some quick actions you can do now to avoid any trips, slips or falls in the future:

  • clean up any spills immediately
  • keep walkways and hallways free of debris, clutter and obstacles
  • use available handrails when walking up and down stairs
  • keep cupboards and drawers closed when not in use
  • replace burnt out light bulbs immediately
  • ensure appropriate footwear is worn for the weather conditions.

Need to report a repair?
Use our Solve an issue tool and do this easily online.

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