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Our online and telephone services are operating as normal, but it may take a little longer to get through to us as our colleagues are working from home. We apologise for any delay and will respond as soon as possible. Find out how you can contact us here and if your query relates to a repair issue you can also use our Solve an issue tool.

5 March

How to prevent pests

Take a look at some of our top tips to discourage pests from your home

We have reviewed feedback from our customers from the last 12 months and we have noticed an increase in the number of requests involving the removal of pests from homes and surrounding areas.  

Since the start of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we have seen things change and the closures of places such as pubs and restaurants have meant that some animals are now moving location to find new food sources. Our previously overlooked garden sheds or communal bin stores are now becoming more appealing to them.  

We share our homes and communities with a wide variety of animals, insects and plants and this biodiversity helps the environment to thrive, we also recognise the importance of living and working in a sustainable way. While all animals, insects and plants have their places in the world, there are some that can cause widespread damage to homes if left untreated.  

We define a pest as “any animal or plants that can be harmful or cause concern to people” and an infestation as “the presence of an unusually large number of insects or animals in one place”.

We are responsible for the removal of any larger pests in your home or communal area, including rats or mice. We also take responsibility for minor infestations in an internal communal area including wasps, fleas and cockroaches.

It is your responsibility to remove larger pests in your garden and minor infestations in your home and garden.

We all want pests removed as soon as possible but this can often take time and the breeding cycle of some pests can sometimes mean that as soon as we get on top of the infestation, they can continue to grow in numbers.

Prevention is better than treatment and we have a number of hints and tips to discourage pests within our Solve an issue tool.

If you have any concerns about pests in your home or communal areas, please contact us and we will support you through the next steps.

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