21 June 2022

Have you received a suspicious call about receiving compensation?

We are receiving reports of people calling customers pretending to be from LiveWest
Person on the phone looking stressed.

Customers have been letting us know about people pretending to be from LiveWest, saying they can obtain large sums of compensation for you if you have a significant repair to your property which you have reported to us that we have not done in a reasonable time. 

Housing providers across the UK are seeing increased cases of these claims happening recently. Individuals are advertising widely, including knocking on doors and contacting people by phone.  These third parties are doing this because they could make lots of money from these claims whether they are genuine or not.

If you are suspicious about someone that has contacted you, think carefully before acting and please contact us to let us know as we can advise you if this is genuine or not. It is highly unlikely you would receive the level of compensation you are told you could, even if you were able to prove you had a legitimate claim against us. It can be a very stressful process, and you may well end up out of pocket despite services being advertised as no win, no fee.

The legal disrepair law, which these claims are made on, only applies to significant repairs which could potentially affect your health and wellbeing. If you have reported this type of repair to us and we have not resolved it yet, please contact us before you decide to sign up with claims lawyers. 

If we have not dealt with your case correctly, we are committed to putting it right for you. You can also use our complaints process, and if compensation is due to you then we will pay it directly to you rather than to claims lawyers, as they will take a large chunk of the money for themselves.

If you have a repair outstanding, please be assured that we will get to you as soon as we possibly can. Our repairs service is experiencing a high demand for repairs, which you can find more about here. We are working hard to reduce this backlog, for example by insourcing more services in-house to increase our capacity. 

Reporting repairs

If you need a repair in your home, there are a few ways you can get in touch with us by: 

  • Using our online form
  • By calling us
    • Somerset and West of England - 01934 526 000
    • Devon and Cornwall - 0300 123 8080
  • Messaging on social media

If your repair is an emergency, you should call us. 

We also offer an out of hours emergency repairs service, which you can access by calling: 

  • Somerset and West of England - 01934 526 000
  • Devon and Cornwall - 0300 123 8080

There is also the solve an issue tool for problems which do not require a repair. 

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