We all want to feel as safe as possible in our homes, however there are a wide range of hazards and risks throughout your home that cause serious accidents and injuries every year. 

Keeping you safe in your home is a priority for us. We take pride in following a range of policies and standards when working in your home, however it is really important that you do everything you can to look after yourself on a daily basis. By taking simple actions and being aware of risks, you can protect yourself from hazards such as chemicals, slips, trips and falls and much more.  

Reporting repairs is a really important way to avoid serious accidents happening, as well as regular checks being carried out on gas, electrical, fire and other safety equipment in your home. 

If an accident does happen then it is really important those involved or present know what to do, including any children in the house. This can include providing immediate first aid or calling 999 for serious accidents. We also operate an emergency out of hours repair service

Use the links below more information on some of the risks to be aware of and what you can do to protect yourself and your home.


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