It is so important to get your gas appliances checked and serviced to keep yourself, your family and your home safe. 

Why is it important to get your appliances checked and serviced?

Getting your appliances checked and services helps them to run as efficiently as possible, and more importantly to keep you safe if an appliance has a fault. 

Unsafe appliances can put you at risk of: 
-    Gas leaks, which can cause explosions or fires. This is an emergency, and you should call the gas emergency helpline on 0800 111 999. 
-    Carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly. 

How to get your appliances checked 
We have a duty to carry out an annual safety check on gas appliances in your home, and we will get in touch with you when you are due an inspection. Our engineers are Gas Safe registered – you should never have your appliances checked by someone who is not on the Gas Safe register. 

During the annual check, if any appliances owned by LiveWest are found to have an issue, we will repair them. If there are any appliances owned by you with issues found, we will let you know if any improvements or repairs are required. 

How to spot an issue
There are signs to look out for to help you identify an issue with your gas appliances: 
-    Your appliance isn’t working properly. 
-    The flame on your appliance is yellow rather than blue. 
-    There are brown or black marks around the appliance. 
-    The pilot light on your boiler regularly goes out. 
-    There is increased condensation on your windows. 
-    If you can smell gas.

What to do if you identify an issue
If you notice any signs of an issue, it is important to take action immediately and stop using the appliance. This could be booking a service appointment, or calling the gas emergency helpline if you think you are in danger. 

If you would like to find out more about gas safety checks, please get in touch with us.