Hate crime

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Zero tollerance

We are committed to the Zero Tolerance Hate Crime Pledge. Find our more here.

A hate crime is when someone commits a crime that was motivated by hostility or prejudice. This can be based on one or more of the following things:

  • Race, skin colour, ethnic origin, nationality.
  • Religion or faith (or lack of religious belief).
  • Gender identity (including resentment of transgender people, transsexuals or transvestites).
  • Sexual orientation (including homophobia).
  • Disability (including physical disabilities, sensory impairments, learning disabilities, and mental health issues).

Different types of hate crime or incidents may include:

  • Offensive language (including name calling and insults).
  • Abusive verbal or written comments.
  • Physical assault.
  • Vandalism or criminal damage to your property.
  • Threats, intimidation, humiliation or degradation.

You should report hate crime issues to the police by calling 101 or 999. We help our customers report incidents to the police and work closely with them to reduce the risk of harm.

You can get further advice and support from Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI) in Somerset and the West of England at sariweb.org.uk or we can ask them to contact you.

The National Stop Hate UK website also provides advice and has a 24-hour helpline which you can call on 0800 138 1625.


Report hate crime or incidents to us here.