Blocked toilet

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How to unblock your toilet

Come prepared with a bucket, rubber gloves and a plunger.

Protect the floor with newspaper.

Don't flush anymore. This will only fill the bowl with more water.

First close the flapper. The flapper looks like a circular drain stopper attached to a chain.

Lift the lid and close the toilet flapper with your hand, the water in the tank is clean. This will prevent more water from entering the bowl.

Check to see if there is a blockage. Most blockages are caused by excessive toilet paper.

The easiest way of unblocking the toilet is to put on rubber gloves and push the blockage past the u-bend.

If the drains are blocked this will not work and it's time to get the plunger.

Push down and pull the plunger sharply back and forth ensuring that the water is being moved and not air. Continue until you feel the blockage to clear. 

You will know that the blockage has been cleared once the water in the bowl has drained.