During your time as a home owner, LiveWest may need to carry out major works or arrange a long term contract for your building or estate. Where the cost of this exceeds a certain threshold, Livewest are legally obliged to consult with you. This is commonly called Section 20 consultation and you can get more detailed information from LEASE.

There are two main types of consultation:

Major works

Major works primarily covers planned major works, such as cyclical building decorations, but in some cases can also include responsive maintenance, such as roof repairs.  Major works are considered to be any repair, redecoration, replacement, improvement or refurbishment to the building or estate which will result in a cost exceeding £250 being passed on to any one unit. 

This only applies to works which LiveWest are responsible for, so will not include any works that are the responsibility of the individual homeowner.

Qualifying long-term contracts

Qualifying long-term contracts are contracts that LiveWest enters into for a period longer than 12 months and where any one tenant or leaseholder’s contribution will be more than £100 in any one year. The contracts can cover items like grounds maintenance, communal cleaning or servicing of equipment.