For 2019/2020

Fee Type Fee (incl VAT)
LPE1 - Leasehold Property Enquiries  
   Shared ownership house with no communal services (minimal LPE1 questions relevant) £60
   Shared ownership/Freehold house with communal services £96
   Shared ownership/Leasehold flats £144
   Properties where communal services are solely provided by management company £60
   Further to the LPE1 - Extra 1-5 questions £36
   Further to the LPE1 - Extra 6-10 questions £60
   Further to the LPE1 - Extra 11+ questions £84
Processing/Receipting Notice of Transfer/Charge £36
Providing Certificate of Compliance £36
Processing Deed of Covenant £36
Processing/approving Deed of Variation (excluding solicitor fees if necessary) £180
Processing/approving the removal of a restriction (RX4) £60
Lease extension administration fee (applies to voluntary extension only) £300
Consent for major alterations/improvements - includes handling documents, reviewing plans/information, consulting with maintenance/asset colleagues £60
Surveyors visit if required to consider major works £60
Other consent required under lease - eg pets, running a business, minor home improvements No Fee
Consent to sub-let £90
Deed of postponement for equity loans £48
Processing/approving transfer from/to joint/sole names £96
Processing/approving further advance, mortgage or remortgage £120
Processing/approving transfer and remortgage £168
Providing a copy of the buildings insurance schedule Available on our website No Fee
Copy of documents that we hold on file – for example Lease or freehold transfer (per document) By email / By post No fee / £12
Copy of legal documents that we need to obtain from the Land Registry (per document) by By email / By post £12  / £15