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23 June

Working together to support and help our older customers

Our teams have joined together to make more than 15,000 welfare calls to ensure our older customers are safe and well.
Welfare calls to customers

Colleagues from Tenancy Sustainment, Resident Engagement and Community Investment were joined by the Lettings, Projects and Insurance teams in supporting our Neighbourhood Housing teams.

The project was also supported by our Independent Living Service teams and Support Officers as our colleagues went above and beyond in these difficult times.

The calls help to establish our customers’ current situations, deal with any queries and refer them to an appropriate team for more specialist advice.

The partnership of teams demonstrates the importance we place on the safety and wellbeing of our customers.

It also shows our versatility and how we are rising to the challenge of continuing to provide great customer services against a backdrop of uncertainty.

It has been refreshing to read scores of positive messages coming through from customers about how they are responding to the situation.

We’ve been receiving tales of customers uniting their community, looking after those most in need with things like food and medicine deliveries.

Our Director of Neighbourhoods, James Reseigh, said: “Our top priority is the safety and welfare of our customers and we have been pouring great effort into looking after the wellbeing of our customers during this difficult time.

“It really has been all hands on deck to make sure no one falls through the net without having access to the help they need.

“In many instances, we have been able to provide specific advice and signpost them to agencies which can provide further support.

“It has been a real joint effort and I am very proud to work with such caring colleagues, all of whom have a common purpose to support our customers.”

As a result of the calls to our vulnerable customers, around 20% needed signposting to community or other support.

We were able to provide help and support in areas such as food and medicine provision and wellbeing as well as providing financial guidance and access to local agencies.

The next step will see us contacting other vulnerable customers that we house across our geography.

Community Connector, Marie Burke, said: “I have made a number of calls to the over-70s – it was really heartwarming to talk to them.  

“In general, they were very pleased that we called them to check on their wellbeing and didn’t want to be a burden.  

“I spoke to a 95-year-old who was managing well and I had a chat with a lady about rationing after the war and her experience of being sent to get a bar of chocolate. I was surprised when she told me potatoes were rationed in order to encourage people to grow their own.

“Some people just want to chat and it is nice to be able to help people in these uncertain times.”

Our Customer Service Centre team is still dealing with a high volume of calls and continuing to deliver services to our customers.

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