24 December

We've saved over 100 trees

We're printing less and have saved 107 trees when compared to last year.
Number of trees saved this year

As part of our Creating Greener Futures Together environmental plans, we have already started  making changes in many different areas of our organisation. This includes our homes and communities and workplaces.

With many of our colleagues now working from home, this has made us to look at what we print.

We are thrilled to say that paper consumption has reduced massively.

In fact, this year we’ve reduced paper consumption in our offices by 65%, beating our target of 20%.

We’ve looked at what that works out as trees. If one tree makes 16 reams of paper, last year we used 164 trees through our paper consumption. But this year it’s just 57, meaning we’ve saved 107 trees when compared to last year!

We’ll be sharing more updates about our environmental plans in the coming year.

To find out more about what positive environmental changes you can make, look at our Creating Greener Futures Together Green Advice. Its full of useful information about our plans and how you can get involved.

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