7 March 2022

We are supporting Food Waste Action Week

By making a few small changes we can work together to save food and the planet.
Food waste action week

This week we are supporting Food Waste Action Week.

Around a third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted each year. This wasted food contributes 8-10% of the total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which are causing climate change.

Love Food Hate Waste are a charity taking action to reduce food waste. As part of this action, they have created Food Waste Action Week, a whole week dedicated to raising awareness of the environmental consequences of wasting food, and promoting activities that help to reduce the amount of food we waste.

At LiveWest, we recognise our responsibility to improve and have a positive impact on the lives of our customers, our communities and our planet. 

With the cost of living rising, we are ensuring that our community investment work is supporting families and individuals with making their money go further, especially where food is concerned. 

Our recent ‘Tavy Fridge’ community fridge project that collects surplus food and gives it away for free has just celebrated a successful first year, reducing food waste and feeding families in the local community.

In Okehampton our community connectors have been busy working with Okehampton Community Kitchen and we have provided 50 new slow cookers to eligible families along with herbs and spices starter packs and access to online support about cooking on a budget and reducing waste.

Another project dedicated to ending food waste is our Tamar Valley community project, where we have been doing mobile community outreach work with a travelling food larder full of donations from the community, with plans to open a community fridge locally.

We are supporting Food Waste Action Week from 7 March - 13 March 2022 and are encouraging our colleagues and customers to make small changes at home and at work to reduce their food waste.

If you want to get involved, choose one simple food hack and give it a try this week - small actions can make a huge difference when we all do them together.

You may be surprised how much food you are able to save by making such small changes, and how much money this will save you too - according to Love Food Hate Waste, by reducing food waste the average family can save around £60 a month, that’s around £720 a year! 

Our Cooking Green Advice page has some useful tips and resources to help you get started in reducing your food waste. For more ideas on how you can get involved, visit the Love Food Hate Waste website.

For more tips and tricks to help the environment at home, visit our Green Advice page.

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