1 September

University of Exeter student reflects on partnership with LiveWest

Adriana Cosse speaks about her experience working as a Green Consultant.
Adriana smiling

Adriana Cosse has spoken fondly about her time with LiveWest after arriving from the University of Exeter as part of its Green Consultants programme.

Adriana helped us to undertake a digital audit on our environmental communications strategy.

Adriana enjoyed being part of our organisation and was impressed with our commitment to protecting the environment.

Adriana said: “My time at LiveWest has allowed me to gain invaluable knowledge and work-place experience. 

“The internship was thoroughly enjoyable and insightful, as I had the opportunity to work with the Communications team on the company’s environmental strategy.

“I chose to work with LiveWest as they are the largest housing association in the South West who truly value the environment, incorporating it at the forefront of their sustainable housing development.

“Throughout my time with LiveWest, I undertook digital research and auditing in order to produce an evaluative report of the company’s environmental comms strategy, which I had the honour of presenting to their environmental board.”

We have set a target for all of our existing homes to reach an Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) rating of band C and above by 2028 – two years ahead of the proposed government target of 2030.

We are also committed to delivering our new homes to EPC band high B/low A using an enhanced fabric first approach to ensure our homes outperform current building regulations, reducing energy demand and carbon emissions. 

We are also taking steps to futureproof our new homes by installing the infrastructure that can accommodate heat pumps at a later date to provide an alternative to a fossil-fuel based heating system. 

We plan to gradually move away from gas and oil heating systems to electric-based systems in order to benefit from the National Grid’s drive to become greener in how it generates electricity.

Adriana added: “It is brilliant to see LiveWest’s commitment to the environment throughout their targets, one of which aims to reach an SAP rating of band C or above for all existing homes by 2028 – two years ahead of the proposed Government target of 2030.

“I am amazed by LiveWest’s commitment to their environmental strategy, and the ambitious aspirations the company has in order to provide sustainable housing for the future.

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with LiveWest and I look forward to applying the experienced gained in my future career. 

“I cannot thank LiveWest enough for being so supportive and truly embracing me as one of their team during my internship.”

Find out more about our environmental strategy and what you can do to protect the environment here.

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