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6 November

Supporting wildlife and nature in Lyde Green

The Lyde Green Outside Space Group in South Gloucestershire hosted a community event last month, designed to help boost the hedgehog population.
Encouraging the community to look after their wildlife, including hedgehogs

We are working closely with the Lyde Green Open Space Group in South Gloucestershire and recently provided £750 of community funding. This will contribute towards enhancing green space within the community, organising wildlife focused community events and creating new wildlife habitats for hedgehogs, bats, and insects. 

In conjunction with the South Gloucestershire Hedgehog Rescue, the event was aimed at encouraging the community to look after their wildlife. Fences in urban areas have made it difficult for hedgehogs to forage and feed themselves and by creating a hedgehog highway, it allows hedgehogs to move through specially sized holes located at the bottom of fence panels. 

Cate Biggs, Chair of Lyde Green Open Space Group said: ‘’ The funding we have received from LiveWest has opened up so many opportunities to us. It means we can carry out our ambitious plan, including running many environmental activities, which will help to improve our local common land and events for the local community. I am involved in the group because I want to help the community, environment, and wildlife in Lyde Green. I want to make it the very best it can be.’’ 

Marie Burke, LiveWest Community Connector said: ‘’Cate set up the Lyde Green Open Space Group to help protect and improve green spaces within Lyde Green. She has a passion for wildlife, gardening and strives to create a better natural environment for everyone in Lyde Green to enjoy. She runs many events and has been behind their Royal Horticultural Society Britain in Bloom it’s Your Neighbourhood entry for the past two years. Their last entry won a Level 4 award, which is the second-highest level. LiveWest has provided funding for this group as we can see the real importance and positive impact that green spaces have on wellbeing within our communities.’’

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