4 September

Support from our Foyer helps Tim into work

A Torbay teenager who was on the verge of homelessness has turned his life around thanks to the help he has received from our housing support team.
Tim Goodall

After leaving the care system Tim Goodall came to our Torbay Foyer to gain support on how to live independently, following coaching he received at the Foyer, he has now successfully found work and is looking forward to his bright future.  


‘’I went into foster care before I turned 16. I was in care for five years before I moved into the Foyer. 

‘’As I was not working when I left my foster home, so I did not have funds to get my own place at the time. My social worker recommended the Foyer to me and I moved in within one week of my referral.

‘’The colleagues at LiveWest have been great, especially when I first moved in. The Foyer was a different environment for me. They helped me ease into the process of becoming independent. They have helped me to get motivated to do something. I did not have a lot of confidence when I moved here. I was always quiet but as time has gone on, I have become more talkative. It has been good.

''I have now spent three years at the Foyer and they have put me on many support programmes since I started. I am currently on one now. I am on the Dame Kelly Holmes course; this is a sports motivational course, which I have been on for a few months now. It builds up self-confidence and motivation to find work and I have been successful at doing this. 

‘’In September, I am going to start working at The Range as they are opening a new store. Life is good now and I am looking forward to starting my new job.’’

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