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14 November

Saving money on your broadband

If you’re trying to save money on household bills, switching your broadband can help.
Saving money on your broadband

Finding the right broadband doesn’t have to be complicated. There are a lot of good deals that offer fast service and can save you money.

What happens when you switch broadband?

Switching broadband is much simpler than it used to be, and your new Internet Service Provider (ISP) will usually handle the transfer. On the day of a switch, your broadband will stop working for a short period of time. If you're switching to or from an Openreach (BT) network service to Virgin Media, it may take longer, as they operate separate networks.

Choosing the right type of broadband

Don’t get hung up on price!

The cheapest broadband deals are good for one or two people who don’t need a superfast connection. It will handle web browsing, email and social media. If more people are using a connection, or it’s used to stream video, download files, or play games, then you should look at a fibre optic service. This is usually more expensive, but has a faster connection and can be used by more people at the same time. For more information on fibre optics, check out the Broadband Genie’s guide.

When looking at packages it’s usually best to go with an unlimited one. Deals with monthly data usage allowances can be cheap, but going over your allowance can be expensive.

Check your remaining contract term

Before signing up to that amazing new deal, make sure that leaving your current provider isn’t going to cost anything.

  • If you want to leave a contract early, there will probably be a cancellation charge. Only cancel early if you have to.
  • If you’re leaving because the service was poor, submit an official complaint. You may be able to get the problem fixed, or leave the contract early without being charged.

Switch or stay?

If you’re happy with your existing provider, try negotiating a better deal before switching. You could save money and avoid the potential hassle of changing services. Call your provider, tell them you’re thinking of switching, and ask what they can offer to keep you.

Discounts and free setup

It’s easy to find broadband deals offering discounted prices for a fixed time period. The monthly savings can be a lot, but make sure you check what the price will be after the discount ends. Sometimes it can be a large increase in price. If the discount is for the entire contract, make a note of the end date and get ready to switch to another deal.

Fixed price guarantees

Many broadband providers will increase their price in the middle of a contract. To avoid this, make sure you pick a deal that has a fixed price guarantee.

Free gifts and extras

Often, providers will have special offers to tempt you to switch to them. The best offers are ones that include pre-paid credit cards, as you’re not restricted to a set retailer. This can save you a lot of money over the length of the contract.

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