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17 December

Naomi secures home in the village she loves

The thought of leaving the village she had grown to love filled Naomi Bailey with dread.
Naomi in her LiveWest St Breward home

The 31-year-old mother-of-three had moved from Wadebridge to the village close to Bodmin Moor to settle down with her fiancé, James, as they began to raise their family.

They were renting a house from her fiancé's brother, but that was no longer an option as the family of five outgrew it.

Having lived in the village for the past 11 years, Naomi refused to give up hope of finding alternative accommodation, even though house prices in the area were out of their reach.

Naomi kept in touch with the housing association, LiveWest, with emails and telephone calls to see if she could relocate her family to a new 21-home development being built in the village as part of the Homes for Cornwall partnership

Her persistence paid dividends when she was offered a brand new, four bedroom house to rent – and, naturally, she jumped at the chance.

It meant Naomi’s children, Caiden, 11, Ashton, seven and Tayla-Mae, four, could remain at their school and the whole family were able to stay living in the scenic village.

Naomi said: “The thought of leaving St Breward was not nice. So I made sure I registered my interest in one of the new LiveWest homes early on in the development and wrote regular emails to see how things were going.

“I was hopeful I would get one as I was the only mother with three children.

“But you never know and I was delighted when it was all confirmed.

“It meant the children could stay living close to their friends and school and my husband could remain living in the village he had grown up in.”

Naomi’s dream became reality on August 24 when the family moved into the spacious property which boasts stunning views across open countryside.

And she has thanked the Homes for Cornwall partnership for coming to the rescue and breathing new life into the area. 

Naomi added: “We found out the news in April and we were so thrilled. We eventually moved in on August 24 which was a happy day for the family.

“The children were so excited. It means the older child, who has started secondary school, now has his own space which he calls his ‘cave’.

“The Homes for Cornwall partnership is making a big difference to people’s lives, allowing them to remain in the area that they love.

“LiveWest has been so helpful along the way. I have got a great relationship with their neighbourhood manager, Vicky, who has been so helpful along the way.

“When there has been a slight problem, I have always been able to get through to LiveWest straight away and things have been sorted straight away.”

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