19 July 2019

Mary talks to us about what makes a house a home

We talk to Mary Warren, one of the winners of our Facebook competition, with the winners being illustrated and becoming part of our new website!
Mary Warren LiveWest

What makes a house a home? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves lately at LiveWest and we thought who better to help us understand than residents from the LiveWest community!

Mary Warren

Hi Mary,  tell us, what does ‘home’ mean to you?
Home means a safe haven, somewhere to relax and be me. I feel my home is like a warm blanket on a cold day.

Do you feel happiest when at home - cat on lap?
At 72 I’m not able to get out and about unless my daughter or two eldest grandchildren can take me. So, yes, I do feel happiest at home. 

With the cat, for sure! Although, she doesn't do the sitting on laps bit... 

If I go out for the day even to see family, I love coming home.

They say that home is what you make of it. Do you find that having a space of your own, where you can just be you, helps improve your overall quality of life?
I do like having a space of my own. I also feel very grateful for having my own place to live. Many don't have that luxury. 

Also, I live in a downstairs flat, so that is even better as I have Copd, kept under control with medication. Not having stairs is brilliant for me. 

So, yes, my home really does help improve my quality of life.

How has LiveWest impacted your life, in terms of helping you feel like your house really is a home?
I have to confess, since being with LiveWest, any work that has been carried out has been done very efficiently. Unfortunately, I have had issues in the past. 

Also, the heating and fire alarm etc are looked at which gives me peace of mind. 

I've just in the last two weeks had my ground source heat pump checked. Having this heating is amazing - best thing since sliced bread!  

I have the same heating in every room. With my condition it's brilliant.  
Also as a pensioner on pension credit, it's pretty good on price. 

So, in a nutshell, I have a roof over my head for which I think myself lucky and am able to access maintenance and have an annual check of appliances.

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