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4 September

Marcella’s Foyer journey comes full circle

A Torbay teenager who had to leave home at 14 is now coaching other young people at one our foyers thanks to the support she received from us when she needed it the most.

Marcella McKeown had to leave home at 14 to escape an abusive parent and came to Torbay Foyer for a safe place to live. 

Thanks to the support she received from our supported housing team, Marcella was able to get her life on track and she is now working at the foyer where she is helping other young people to reach their goals.  


‘’I was 14 when I left home. I was living with my mum but her partners were abusive in many ways. I was not safe, so I took it into my own hands to leave and live with my boyfriend. 

‘’When my boyfriend and I broke up, I ended up in a B&B as a temporary accommodation situation, and then came to the Foyer for two years. 

‘’Without the Foyer, I did not stand a chance. There are no tenancies for people under 18, the Foyer gave me the chance to actually become independent and grow. 

‘’It helped with my confidence, get to university, and pushed me to keep going with my goals.

Marcella now works for LiveWest at our Torbay Foyer coaching young people through their own journeys to become independent and reach their goals.

 ‘’I love engaging with the young people.

‘’It is nice to see that no matter what is going on in their background, they still try every day. 

 ‘’The outside world can be quite judgemental and it is so nice to see that they keep going. 

 ‘’It is not just the case of having a home; it is about getting them back on their feet again. Getting an education and getting support, emotionally as well. 

‘’These young people go through so much before they come here, it’s about having someone to push you to try something new and believe in you.’’

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