22 June 2021

LiveWest ranked top 10 in sustainable housing awards

We are thrilled to have been named as one of the top 10 sustainable housing providers in the UK.

We have demonstrated how we are taking clear steps to protect the environment through the building of sustainable homes, according to Housing Digital, a leading news platform for the housing sector.

We were ranked eighth nationally after launching our new environmental strategy which will ensure all of our existing homes reach an Energy Performance Certificate rating of C and above by 2028 – two years ahead of the proposed government target of 2030.

Our drive to boost the energy efficiency of our homes has been further highlighted by our pledge for all of its new homes to reach an EPC band of high B/low A using an enhanced fabric first approach.

It means our homes will outperform building regulation, which will result in reduced energy demand and carbon emissions.

We are also taking steps to futureproof our new homes by installing the infrastructure that can accommodate heat pumps at a later date to provide an alternative to a fossil-fuel based heating system. 

We also have plans to gradually move away from gas and oil heating systems to electric-based systems in order to benefit from the National Grid’s drive to become greener in how we generate electricity.

Melvyn Garrett, Deputy Chief Executive for LiveWest, said: “This is fantastic recognition as we continue our environmental journey to boost the energy efficiency of our homes, reduce our carbon footprint and improve our customers’ lives.

“The effects of climate change and global warming impact the way we live and work and we have developed our Environmental Strategy through a genuine belief we have a collective responsibility for ensuring we contribute to sustaining the environment.  

“We have set ourselves measurable targets, increasing the energy efficiency of our homes and promoting sustainable behaviour change for both customers and colleagues which all contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

“We aim to promote sustainable solutions working with our joint venture partners to help them to meet their needs but also to contribute to creating a low-carbon economy and support thriving, vibrant communities.

“We place sustainability at the heart of our organisation and these steps demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment for today and the future.”

We have promised to reduce our paper consumption and business mileage to further support the environment.

We are introducing training to ensure that our in-house engineers are fully qualified in all areas of the latest green technology and we have set up a Renewables Technology team who will work with customers to ensure they understand low carbon technology within their homes.

Judges were impressed by the launch of our new green advice section on our website to provide guidance to customers on energy-use, recycling, cooking, cleaning, gardening and shopping as well the tree planting, replanting and rewilding projects being carried out with people in our communities.

The judging panel commented: “LiveWest has a good strategy, showing a broad understanding of sustainability and the link to sustainable communities, jobs and wider priorities. 

“Their commitments are ahead of government targets for existing homes. Recognition that homes are the biggest impact shows that the work has been done to think about the real areas of improvement required.

“We love the idea of having a Renewable Technologies team to support customers with understanding low carbon technology within their homes. 

“Great ideas around reducing transport requirements through innovative remote assistance approaches and also commitment shown through training up in-house engineers for all green technology.”

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