3 September

LiveWest are proud to be supporting Starts at Home

We are passionate about helping people gain independence and stability through supported housing
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We are proud to be highlighting the benefits of supported housing across the South West as part of the Starts at Home campaign launched by the National Housing Federation (NHF).

The campaign tells the stories of people in communities across the country who have gained independence, confidence and stability through supported housing.

This includes Extra Care and sheltered accommodation for older people, homes for young people, adults with learning disabilities and accommodation for homeless families. 

We own over 4,000 homes to support these customers, with a range of accommodation and services.

Starts at Home aims to help persuade the Government to ensure that every person who needs extra support has a home that meets their needs.

Our Director of Supported Housing, David Davies welcomes a campaign designed to raise awareness of the positive impact supported housing has on thousands of lives.

“LiveWest is proud to have such an extensive range of supported housing, offering support where needed to enable people to achieve and maintain their independence. 

“We believe supported housing plays a vital role in society and, along with the NHF, we want to be vocal about its importance.”

When 56 year-old M.J. came out of the homelessness pathway, we had 48 hours to pick up his referral and make contact with him.

Our Resettlement team offers a service on behalf of Bristol City Council, to support people who have been formerly homeless and living in Pathway accommodation, to transition into their own accommodation supplied to them by the council.

People coming out of the homelessness pathway may need help to access basic necessities such as furniture or financial assistance. Most times, it is not easy for them to do this on their own because they do not know the avenues available to them.

Charlotte Scott, Triage Coordinator at LiveWest, said: “People’s wellbeing is important to LiveWest, we are an organisation that is committed to safeguarding vulnerable people.

“Our resettlement service provides people with practical and emotional support when they leave Pathway accommodation.

“The service is set up to respond quickly and for us to work with relevant partners, to ensure that the transition is successful for the person leaving Pathway accommodation.

“When M.J. was referred to our Resettlement team, he had completed two stages of the homelessness pathway, which is a requirement before a person can access the resettlement service. 

“He had been refused a local grant that provides emergency payments or household goods. So, we stepped in with practical support to help him with sorting out his utility bills, housing benefit and asking charities to help with donations.

“We would like to thank our charity partners who awarded funding, furniture and white goods to help M.J. get settled.

M.J. said: “After coming out of drink and drug addiction, and living on the streets - to living in a flat on my own, I wouldn't have had help without Charlotte’s support.

“She supported me and helped me get my flat carpeted, a new fridge and a new cooker, of which I am very grateful. 

“Charlotte also helped me with my benefits, especially my PIP benefit - which I believe I would not have received without her help. Her skills of navigating me through this process were really helpful. 

“I believe the support Charlotte has given to me is priceless. I could say it's helped me to flourish in my recovery.

“I would like to personally thank Charlotte and LiveWest for all the support I have received throughout the COVID-19 crisis. May God continue to bless all that they do.”

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