19 July 2019

Lin talks to us about what makes a house a home

We talk to Lin Kay, one of the winners of our Facebook competition, with the winners being illustrated and becoming part of our new website!
Lin LiveWest

What makes a house a home? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves lately at LiveWest and we thought who better to help us understand than residents from the LiveWest community!

Lin Kay

Hi Lin! Tell us, what does ‘home’ mean to you?
To me, home is somewhere I feel safe, my little sanctuary, where it's just me and my best friend - my cat! Good neighbours are important too, and in our little block we get on very well.

Do you feel happiest when at home - cat on lap?
Absolutely! Cat curled up on my lap, or always close by, just chilling out or chatting online to friends.

They say that home is what you make of it. Do you find that having a space of your own, where you can just be you, helps improve your overall quality of life?
I very much agree, like life itself, home is what you make it. 

Having lived in shared houses many years ago, having my own space to make my own has improved my mental health no-end since moving in nearly 22 years go!

How has LiveWest impacted your life, in terms of helping you feel like your house really is a home?
LiveWest has helped by being very approachable when occasional issues arise (the customer contact team are very friendly and helpful!), and helping get them solved quickly. 

As long as I'm not knocking down walls, I've found LiveWest to be quite accommodating when it comes to personalising my home, within reason of course! 

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