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8 May

Laurie is getting a master's degree thanks to an apprenticeship

We're supporting him to gain a master's in Business Administration during his apprenticeship.
Laurie Martin

We sat down with Laurie Martin, our Senior Income Manager to talk about the range of apprenticeship levels and qualifications. Laurie is currently getting his master's degree in Business Administration through LiveWest.

Laurie said: ''I heard that there was an apprenticeship available at a master’s degree level within the organisation, which would be equal to a Level 7 Apprenticeship. I had already completed an undergraduate degree through distance learning which was supported by the organisation and I wanted to take the next step. 

''I really like working for LiveWest because there are plenty of opportunities. Whether that is advancing your career, or looking for educational support. If people have the right attitude and apply themselves and look for opportunities, they are there, and the organisation will help you to grow. 

''My apprenticeship is unique from some of the others as I already worked at LiveWest and have done for over 10 years. I’m now getting a master’s degree in Business Administration which I’m doing with the University of Exeter. That’s in conjunction with a Level 7 Apprenticeship which is being endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute. It’s interesting and varied and when I go to my university lectures I’m in with a cohort of people from different organisations, so it gives me an interesting perspective on business from a range of areas.

''National Apprenticeship Week is a good opportunity to raise awareness for apprenticeships and what they are now compared to what they used to be. They can really help people to add value to the organisation and help individuals grow.

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