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17 December

Kieran tells us how he found a career at LiveWest

Find out how Kieran’s career has gone from strength to strength in a few years.
Kieran Rigby

We talk to Kieran Rigby, one of our colleagues who tells us about how his career at LiveWest started as a Trainee Gas Engineer and he has now progressed to become a supervisor. Find out how Kieran’s career has gone from strength to strength in just a few years.

How did your career at LiveWest start?   
‘’I had seen the LiveWest vans driving around so I did some research to see what the LiveWest was all about and realised they were on the Gas Safe Register as well.

‘’The more I heard about them the more I liked what I heard.

‘’I decided was going to apply and see what would happen and that was it. 

‘’I emailed the company to see if they had any vacancies for a Trainee Heating Engineer as I was recently qualified. 

‘’I got an email back and met with the head of the team on two occasions.

‘’After the interviews I was offered a role as a trainee. 

‘’I was a trainee for four months before being offered a full role as a Gas Engineer. 

‘’I then worked my way up to boiler installations and now I am a qualified heating engineer and I cover all fuel types.'' 


What have you liked about being a Gas Engineer?

‘’I enjoy the repairs side of things. I enjoy repairing the boilers its quite nice. I get good job satisfaction from that. It’s my favourite thing.''

Why did you apply for the Supervisor (Voids – IMS) role?

''I saw it on the LiveWest website under Careers. I saw it advertised and it was a role I thought that sounded interesting and that I would be good at, so I applied, went for it and got it.'' 

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

''In my new role I’m looking forward to learning a new set of skills, there are some new challenges for me, broadening my current knowledge of the organisation as well. I’m looking forward to taking on the extra responsibility of being a supervisor because hopefully one day I’d like to move up even higher into management.''

What do you think of LiveWest as an employer?       

‘’LiveWest are a good employer. They care about their employees and there are a lot of benefits.

‘’I’ve been here for three and half years and I don’t have any plans on leaving. I think it’s good. It’s a harmonious and happy place to work.’’

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