27 May 2021

January to March 2021 complaints report

Read our full complaints report from the first few months of 2021
LiveWest complaints report

Here at LiveWest we are always looking to improve the service we provide to our customers. We review our performance regularly and appreciate all the feedback we receive on where improvements may be required. Your feedback helps us to learn and improve our services, as well as understand your views and get things right the first time.

Reducing complaints and embedding the learning from feedback is linked to our overall customer service strategy and our commitment to transforming our customer service. 
Here is our complaints performance report for the period January – March 21.  Our performance targets have been affected due to COVID-19, but we aim to improve those as we travel through our phased return to our normal services.

Volume of complaints

During the early part of 2020 we saw the impact of the lockdown period on complaint volumes which reflected the reduction in services being delivered.  Volumes during this period between April and end of May were below expected levels. However, as at the beginning of June we saw volumes returning to previous levels compared.  While we have not seen the number of complaints reduce overall, we have seen an increase in the number of complaints our teams have been dealing with since June 2020.  

  • We received 330 complaints between 1 April – 30 June.
  • W received 595 complaints between 1 July – 30 September
  • We received 691 complaints between 1 October – 31 December
  • We received 746 complaints between 1 January – 31 March

Days to resolve
We want to resolve complaints as quickly as possible, but we know that sometimes it takes us a little longer to fully investigate and act.  It currently takes us on average 48 days to close a complaint.  This is longer than we would want, and we are working hard to close complaints quicker.  One of the reasons for the additional delay is that we do not close a complaint until all actions have been completed and as some activities have been suspended during the pandemic this means that it has taken us longer to arrange and complete outstanding works and installations.

Customer satisfaction
In March 2021, the number of customers who are satisfied with the way their complaint has been handled is currently 64%.  This is below our target of 75%.  We are working hard to improve satisfaction with complaint handling.  This is an area that we will focus on in 2021 and will be making changes to improve the handling and learning from complaints.

Reasons for complaints 
About 75% of all the complaints we receive relate to repairs and maintenance.  Our most common complaints relate to heating and hot water, delays to investigate and resolve issues and quality of work carried out.  
Other complaint themes relate to communication and cancelled or rescheduled appointments.  

We appreciate that some of the decisions we have made to suspend services may have not been entirely welcomed and we have seen some complaints relating to the decisions we have made to suspend non-essential services.  We apologise for the suspension of certain services and will resume them when it is safe to do so. 

Learning from complaints
We have made a number of changes following your feedback to improve the way we deliver services to you.  

We are carrying out a review to improve the way we make payments towards the use of temporary heaters.  We are looking at options to provide the payment at the time the temporary heater is left at your home. 

We have created a page on the website that shows all LiveWest’s policies.  You can access the page here.

Support for you
If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will confirm the next steps.  

There is a wealth of information on the website that may be able to help you resolve the issue.  Click on the Solve an Issue page and give it a try.

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