6 May 2022

Jacob recognised for selflessness in helping resident in need

We launched our Kindness Competition to celebrate those incredible people who are supporting others.
Jacob Widdison

A customer who helped an unwell resident that had fallen has won our Kindness Competition.

Jacob Widdison, who lives in Truro at a supported housing scheme, helped another resident who had fallen during the early hours of the morning. 

The support worker on call that night tried to get the terminally ill resident back to their flat but couldn’t manage it on their own. 

Jacob, 45, heard them struggling and went out to check on them. 

Jacob said: “I wanted to step in because I could hear him talking from the window and so I wanted to make sure he wasn’t hurt, and everything was alright.

“When I got outside, I could see him lying in the road, so I helped to pick him back up.”

Despite the resident being very unwell and having Covid, Jacob put on some gloves and a mask to carry him back to his flat as there was a long wait for an ambulance. He then made sure to check he was comfortable while they waited for help to come.

Jacob has been at our accommodation, NewStart, for two years.

The resident in need, Jeff, had become a good friend of Jacob’s as they had known each other for 10 years before he moved to Kenwyn Mews. 

They met at a hostel in Coastguard Hall, and they used to go fishing together.

Jacob added: “He actually passed away the following day. It was difficult as he was a very supportive and caring person. 

“I think it’s very good LiveWest is doing the competition, but it was a surprise to be nominated because I just wanted to make sure he was alright.”

LiveWest is proud of the positive things happening in communities and it wanted to recognise those striving to make a difference.

Jacob was unaware he had been nominated for the LiveWest Kindness Competition award, but he was very pleased to be nominated by support worker, Melissa Norgate, who wanted to recognise his compassion when someone else was in need. 

Melissa Norgate, our Support Worker for Supported Housing, said: “Jacob is well-liked by everyone who works and lives at NewStart in Truro. This act of kindness shows how Jacob is willing to put others first. 

“It was lovely to get the chance to nominate him for this and it’s amazing that he has won the competition, as it’s great for him to have his positivity and kindness recognised - well done Jacob.”

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