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23 June

Helping our customers to stay connected and less isolated

How our digital inclusion grants have helped our customers during the coronavirus pandemic.
Digital inclusion

Never has there been a more important time to be digitally connected and we have supported our customers with grants to promote digital inclusion and reduce social isolation.

A customer who lost their job following the outbreak of Covid-19 used all of their money to pay for essentials while waiting for their Universal Credit payment.
This meant they had no money to top up their mobile phone which left them socially isolated.

We supported with a grant so they could use their mobile phone to connect with friends and family. 

We supported one of our customers with a grant towards a new laptop to allow them to access an online training course designed to develop their career.
A customer with four children was supported with a grant towards buying a new laptop so they were able to complete school work.

We were also able to provide a grant for another customer with three primary school aged children.

They had received a printed pack of worksheets from their school but needed a computer to access the tutorials to support the course content.

Another grant helped a customer to fix their laptop and stay in touch with their family as well as doing online food shopping.

Another customer has been supported with a grant to buy a printer to help with home schooling and we have been able to help an older customer struggling with social isolation to fix their broken laptop.

A customer and their adult son due to start new employment shortly before lockdown have been given a grant towards getting a home phone and fixing a broken mobile.

We have supported a customer who was struggling financially due to being unable to travel to his local supermarket and having to pay inflated prices at his local shop.

During discussions, it emerged that their TV had broken and we were able to provide a grant so they could buy a new one at Argos.

A customer experiencing health problems and living alone on a low income was unable to connect with her daughters.

So her daughter helped out by buying a data dongle and we were able to give a grant to allow them to get a laptop so the family could be reunited.

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