23 December

Hampers make a difference to young people's lives

Colleagues supporting young people and families have delivered hamper to them in the lead up to Christmas.
Hampers delivered to supported customers

Colleagues supporting young people and families in Cornwall have given Santa Clause a helping hand by delivering 52 Christmas hamper bags to them in the lead up to the festive season, ensuring that they had food and presents for Christmas Day.

Dee Searle, Housing Officer said: ‘’Our team came up with the idea of donating Christmas hampers to young people and our supported families as we understand money has been tight. 

‘’We received some generous donations such as gifts and toys to go along with the food.

‘’The families that received the 52 hampers were ecstatic! They were so happy knowing they would be able to have a hot meal on Christmas Day as well as eat some lovely treats such as cakes and cookies. 

‘’It has been tricky to make our customers feel special this year, but our Supported Housing team has gone above and beyond to make a real difference.’’

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