15 October

Find out how we performed for you in our Customer Annual Report

Read our Customer Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2020.
Customer Annual Report Cover image

We are proud to share with you the amazing work we have been doing with customers in the last year, including our latest customer satisfaction scores and how your feedback has helped us to develop and launch new initiatives in our communities. 

Sarah Williams, LiveWest Head of Customer Experience said: ‘’Our customer annual report showcases how we have performed in the last 12 months and as well as key information about our services, but this year, it was very important to also include some great customer stories about the brilliant things happening in our communities.

''The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected both our customers and colleagues, but it was great to see that even throughout lockdown, we were able to continue to deliver front line services to customers.

''We still have challenging times ahead, but we will continue to listen to customer feedback and improve our services.’’

Read our Customer Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2020 report here.

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