12 November

Emily finds a new career as an apprentice

Emily has loved her apprenticeship and is studying for a Level 3 qualification in Business Administration.
Emily Chamberlain

Are you thinking about applying for an apprenticeship?

We spoke to Emily Chamberlain, an apprentice in our Property Services team about her experience as a LiveWest apprentice. Read on to find out more.

‘’I was interested in applying for an apprenticeship as I originally started a midwifery degree, but I realised that I wanted to know more about business instead. 

‘’I needed a relevant qualification in my new current area of interest, so an apprenticeship seemed like a great opportunity to learn while continuing in a role at LiveWest. There wasn’t a reason not to take up my apprenticeship because I was doing personal development. 

‘’I now understand more business terminology and know how and why we do things in a certain way. 


‘’I’ve started a secondment recently where I have been working on a big customer experience project, and this has been helpful and there is a large study unit on project management so I can apply what I’m learning at college into my role. 

‘’I would love to continue learning through the apprenticeships in the future. That could be in a Level 3 in construction or a degree or a master’s level within business administration. 

‘’I’m hoping that my apprenticeship will give me more career options. This could be moving into a role in operations, the day to day running of the business or finance. I can choose what I want to do to progress within the organisation. 

‘’I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone! You learn loads and get to meet good people. 

‘’LiveWest and my college have also been so supportive so it’s a good choice!’’

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