21 April 2022

Earth Day 2022: Investing in our planet

The theme for Earth Day this year is "Invest in Our Planet". Here are some of the actions we are taking to do that.
Actions we are taking to invest in our planet and create a greener future together

Earth Day 2022

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement.

An annual day of action, Earth Day aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis and create global, national and local policy changes. Each year it is celebrated by over one billion people around the world.

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is "Invest in Our Planet".

What are we doing to invest in our planet?

As a business, we recognise our responsibility to have a positive impact on our planet and we know that we need to act now to drive green innovation and create a more sustainable future. 

We believe that sustainable homes, neighbourhoods and communities are at the heart of what it means to deliver a home for everyone.  At the very core of our business lies the ambition to deliver better social and environmental outcomes for our customers.

The infographic above offers an insight into a few of the actions that we are taking as a business to invest in our planet. For more information on what we are doing to create greener futures together, you can visit our Sustainability page.

How you can invest in our planet

As individuals, you all have the power to make your voice heard. What each of us does, and how we do it, has a huge ripple effect on our ecosystems, and on the actions of others. 

Why not try one of these 52 ways to invest in our planet?

Our Green Advice pages are full of helpful advice and ideas to be more eco-friendly in and around your home.

To find out more about how you can get involved in Earth Day 2022, visit the Earth Day website.

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