16 May 2022

Community spirit high as volunteers help recycle on Tavistock estate

Community spirit has been high in Torlands as people come together to make the area a better place.
LiveWest volunteers at Torlands clean up day

Volunteers from LiveWest have been supporting the Torlands and Tavistock community to help recycle and get rid of unwanted household waste.

LiveWest provided a skip through Devon Contract Waste who are a Zero to Landfill recycling centre with a strong environmental commitment who sort refuse themselves for recycling. The remaining waste goes to an external provider to produce electricity to ensure zero goes to landfill.

Residents appreciated the opportunity to clear out any unwanted items and reclaim their space.

This was followed by a clear-up of the graffiti on a bus shelter and cutting back of bushes in the area which may have become overgrown. 

Alison Knight said: “One household brought us offer a flask of tea and biscuits to say thank you. It was lovely to see neighbours helping each other to make sure them could bring everything across.”  

She added: “LiveWest staff had to separate items and break them down to be able to cram as much as possible in.   The huge game of Tetris was finally completed and we managed to fit everything that we had been given in the skip.” 

“The graffiti clean -up went really well and everyone wanted to make the area look better, but the children especially really enjoyed it."

“When starting community projects, you need little projects to show people that things can change, and that it can be fun. It also helps residents who want to improve their area to connect with each other."

“I can only empower them to do it but if they believe that things can be improved, hopefully they will feel they can do more things like this.”

LiveWest plans to build more than 7,000 new homes over the next five years and will invest £2billion into the region over the next 10 years.

The protection and improvement of green spaces across its geography is part of its drive to build thriving communities. 

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