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18 November

Celebrating our young people

We recently hosted an awards evening and conference called Room for Young People (#R4YP).
Ellie at Room For Young People R4YP

The event brought together those focusing on young people in the housing and the youth sectors and was brought together by our partners the Foyer Federation, Clarion Housing, HAYN and Inspire Chilli.

David Davies, our Head of Operations in Housing Support, who also hosted the Inspiration Awards said: ‘’It was great to be involved in recognising the inspiring young people who were shortlisted and who also won. They can be incredibly proud of themselves.”

As well as recognising talent and rewarding young people the event also shone the spotlight on colleagues who have supported them. 

The R4YP conference was hosted by two young people, Ellie, one of our customers, and Ryan from Clarion. They both did an amazing job and kept us all thoroughly entertained. The event was organised by Jenny Endean, our Young Person Service Development Manager.

Jenny said: ‘’It’s been an exciting and inspirational couple of days celebrating young people.”

Anna Turney, Paralympian and world cup medallist also shared some great stories on how she rose above adversity and inspired young people to do the same.

Anna said: “By challenging yourself and building your strengths you can truly recognise and fulfil your potential.’’

Throughout the day there were many great workshops and sessions including focuses on creating employment opportunities for young people, responding to young peoples’ mental health and well-being by engaging with them in positive ways and positive use of digital media.

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