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26 November

Can your car save you money?

Cars and fuel cost a lot of money. We’ll show you some ways to cut travel costs and save money.
Saving with your car

Cars are useful but can expensive to run. Luckily, changing the way you drive can help you cut travel costs and save money. 

Pump up your tyres:

You use up to 3% more fuel if your car tyres are under-inflated, so check them often 

Clear out your boot:

You use more fuel if your car is heavy, so keep your boot as empty as you can

Reduce drag:

Keep your windows closed and take off any bike racks if you’re not using them. These both cause drag, which uses up fuel

Drive steady:

Speeding up and slowing down uses up fuel. Use less fuel by slowing down and pulling away gently

Always be in the right gear:

Your car uses less fuel and works better when it’s in the right gear. If your car has a rev counter, try to keep your revs between 1,500 and 2,500

Slow down:

The faster you drive the more fuel you use. Going over 70mph uses 38% more fuel!

Get the cheapest car insurance:

If your car insurance is too high, shop around for a different deal. Comparison websites like or can help. 

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