7 May

Ashley learns a new trade as a LiveWest apprentice

At 30, Ashley has started a new career as a Building and Maintenance Apprentice.
Ashley McLean - LiveWest apprentice

Are you thinking about applying for an apprenticeship?

We sat down with Ashley McLean, Apprentice Building and Maintenance Operative and spoke to him about his experience as a LiveWest apprentice. Read on to find out more.

Ashley said: ''I was looking to enter the trade and maintenance area. I saw a job  advert and as soon as I applied I went through to the interview process which led me to where I am now.

''It was the first time I had heard of LiveWest, but I did some research and found out they were two companies that had merged that I had heard of.

''In the first three weeks of my apprenticeship I have carried out tasks from carpentry to outdoor slabbing so there has been plenty of variety.

''Its early days for me but I have already learnt a lot and my new experiences have been very enjoyable.

''LiveWest is unique. They are very open. Its a very relaxed atmosphere and it feels like you can go and talk to anyone. Its so welcoming.

''I have been more office based in the past in customer service.  LiveWest has taken me on and provided the training I have needed during my apprenticeship.

''There is regular contact from supervisors who look after us and support from college tutors and assessors. There is a whole group there where you can ask questions and it makes you feel very reassured.

''I would recommend an apprenticeship to anybody of any age. Get that experience and all the training you need. I didn’t realise I would be able to do it at the age I am at so it does show that anyone can come and do something like this.

''I am an older apprentice, but I am hoping that I can get the experience I need, and get the skills I need to climb the ladder. 

''There is a lot of room for progression at LiveWest if you want it. I am hoping to work my way up to the next step when I can.

''At 30, I am the oldest apprentice in my group but I have met older apprentices at college. 

''I didn’t think an apprenticeship was an option for me. I thought it was about 16 to 18-year-olds but now it is open to anybody of any age, who is willing to learn and try something new.

''I worked in customer service in offices and estate agencies before, which were indoor and data focused environments but I was looking for something where I could work with my hands, where I could get outdoors and meet new people.''

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