30 June

Anthony is cooking on gas during his apprenticeship

Anthony made a career change at 24 and is training to become a gas engineer as an apprentice.
Antony Hadley

Are you thinking about applying for an apprenticeship?

We sat down with Anthony Hadley, Gas Engineer Apprentice and spoke to him about his experience as a LiveWest apprentice. Read on to find out more.

Anthony said: ''I applied to become an apprentice gas engineer. I went through the recruitment process and I was lucky enough to get the position. Since then I have started college and I am now working alongside other qualified gas engineers, which gives me real insight.

''LiveWest is a brilliant organisation. The benefits you receive, the support from managers and other colleagues, it is so good! You are never left in the dark, if you have got any questions, you can always ask somebody. Its such a friendly and good working environment.

''I am learning lots at the minute, being practical and being hands on, rather than learning just from a book. 

''I would recommend working at LiveWest to anyone who is interested in an apprenticeship or any other role. They are a great organisation!

''An apprenticeship has been the best route for me as I am more of a hands-on learning type of person. Doing things and gaining experience is the right type of environment for me. 

''I was always under the impression that apprenticeships were for younger people, but anyone can do it, if you are willing to learn you and willing to put yourself out there and commit, it is a brilliant opportunity!

''My supervisor regularly checks on me, to see how things are going or if I need anything. 

''I really want to stay at LiveWest. I am hoping to finish my apprenticeship and secure a permanent role here, so I am hoping it will go well.

''Before this I was an engineer, in a completely different trade, so it’s been a bit of a career change for me. But if you are willing to commit, the people at LiveWest are really support you and present you with opportunities.''

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