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25 September

Angela’s LiveWest extra care home ticks all of the boxes

Angela and her husband decided to move out of their bungalow and into a LiveWest extra care scheme so she could receive the level of care she needed.
Angela Sprague

Angela Sprague and her husband found as were getting older, their bungalow simply wasn’t comfortable anymore, after Angela started using a wheeled walker. The pair started looking for new places to live and came across LiveWest’s extra care scheme, Devonport Views in Plymouth. Moving to this scheme meant they could live independently in their own flat with a sea view with the additional benefits of having a care team in place.



‘’We have lived here for two and a half years. It is my husband and I and we have a two-bedroom flat with a balcony. It is wonderful. I have the most amazing views. The sun is there all day and it is the best thing we have done coming here. 

‘’We used to live in a bungalow but it was so small, I struggled to get around. 

‘’It is wonderful here and I have carers for me because I cannot walk very well but it is as if living a hotel here. 

‘’It has given me real support knowing there are carers here 24/7. It has given me security. It helps give peace of mind, rather than living in a bungalow or on your own. It is all in one place.’’

You can find out more about our extra care housing here.

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