We are always working to improve our services and to do this we need your thoughts.

We have employed IFF-Research, an independent customer research specialist, to carry out some surveys on our behalf.

You may receive a phone call (0208 049 5758), email or text from them, asking about the services we provide. It would be great if you could take the time to answer the questions to help us shape our services.

IFF Research contacted me about LiveWest - is this genuine?

Yes, we work closely with IFF Research who carry out surveys on all aspects of our services.

Why are they contacting me?

We want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly so we can make sure we are getting our services right for you, our customers. 

What will they ask me?

They will ask for your opinions on the services that we provide and may check that your contact details are up to date.

What do you do with the information?

Our teams will use the information to shape and improve our services, so your opinions and priorities are important to us.

Is my feedback confidential?

Absolutely, your feedback will be treated confidentially and only IFF Research and LiveWest will have access to it*. At the end of the survey, IFF Research will ask you if you would be happy for us to contact you. You can always say no.

* We will sometimes share your views with our contractors if this is related to their service.

How do I know the data is secure?

All your information is held securely in line with current data protection legislation and controlled by LiveWest.

IFF Research only have access to the information they need to carry out the survey. We will advise IFF Research which service we want them to ask you about, for example, a repair.

IFF Research act as our agent and our contract with them includes specific data protection clauses. These clauses prevent them from sharing your details with anyone else and only allow them to use your information for the purposes of contacting you and finding out your views on our services.

They do not own that information and they cannot use it for anything else.

I have had a repair completed but have not been contacted, why not?

We only contact a sample of our customers (enough to make sure the data is reliable), so you may not be contacted every time. If you have not been contacted but want to tell us what you think, we would love to hear from you. Click here to contact us.

I do not want to take part in surveys

That is fine. The person calling will always check that you are happy to take part. If you would prefer not to, just let the caller know, and we will make sure we remove you from our contact list.

Do you want to know more about our surveys?

For customers in Devon and Cornwall contact us on 0300 123 8080 or email enquiries@livewest.co.uk

For customers in Somerset and West of England call us 01934 526000 or email talktous@livewest.co.uk