Electrical safety standard

We are fully committed to ensuring employees, customers and the general public, are not knowingly exposed to any risks that would affect their health and safety. We are also fully committed to achieving high levels of safety and quality in the services we deliver, providing homes that are safe to standards that reflect legislative requirements and best practice where appropriate.

This is our standard:

1.    We have a dedicated Mechanical and Electrical Management team who are  responsible for delivering electrical services consistently across the whole business. This team manages all electrical installations delivered both internally and through contractors.

2.    We maintain membership with a Competent Person Scheme as an approved contractor able to undertake repair and inspections on electrical installations and self-certify our work. We only appoint contractors to work on our electrical installations who are a member of a recognised Competent Person Scheme.

3.    We employ competent electricians and appoint competent contractors to ensure installations are safely installed and maintained. Contracts are procured and managed to, ensure anyone working on electrical systems is qualified and registered to do the work required of them.

4.    We employ competent electricians and appoint competent contractors to conduct cyclical safety inspections on all our commercial premises
and our rented homes. Safety inspections on domestic installations for flats/maisonettes in blocks are completed on a five year cycle or at change of tenancy. Safety inspections on other domestic installations are carried out on a 10-year cycle or at change of tenancy in accordance with the guidance set out in BS7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations.
Engineers use their discretion to determine a new test date ahead of the stipulated five or 10-year cycle if they consider that an earlier inspection is warranted.

5.    Clearly defined procedures and time scales are applied when contacting customers to arrange an electrical safety check. All reasonable steps are taken to gain access and these steps are fully recorded. Forced entry will not be used under any circumstances. Appropriate legal action is taken if tenants refuse to provide access for safety checks and electrical maintenance. This is always seen as a last resort and will be taken when all other practical steps have been exhausted.

6.    We receive confirmation from managing agents (or persons/organisations undertaking similar activity for LiveWest) that work has been completed. This will be validated and recorded in accordance with the agreed procedures.

7.    All electrical installations are repaired and maintained in accordance with British Standard 7671.

8.    We retain a record of all electrical repairs and installations. The retention period is 10 years.

9.    Performance is continuously monitored and reported on the number and percentage of installations with a valid (in date) electrical safety condition certificate and the work stage for any properties without a valid certificate. LiveWest will be able to demonstrate at all times that ‘all reasonable steps’ have been taken to maintain all installations.

10.    We maintain a electrical installation property database that clearly details the properties electrical safety inspection and maintenance history records, the date of the next safety check, access procedure records and timescales.

11.    Our electrical safety procedure document explains our detailed approach to electrical management.

12.    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are checked following all electrical repairs carried out within our domestic rented properties and as part of periodic inspections.

13.    We carry out a repair to any unsafe LiveWest electrical installation as a priority.

14.    In conjunction with LiveWest’s Health and Safety team, we ensure that any electrical incident or near misses are investigated and necessary actions taken.
15.    We are members of NICEIC, who undertake annual independent assurance on operatives’ competency and our work practices as part of our accreditation. All certification carried out internally is reviewed and signed off by the Qualified Supervisor, any discrepancies are highlighted and acted on as part of our assurance framework.
We will undertake quarterly quality assurance checks of each operative’s/ contractor’s work.

16.    We undertake regular 10% audits of our data and our operating procedures.

17.    We continually review legislation, best practice and other requirements and review this standard annually or upon any such change (whichever is sooner) to ensure it remains current and appropriate.