Support from LiveWest enables new youth club bus to open in Somerset

21 June 2018

Support from the LiveWest Community Empowerment team has enabled the Highbridge Youth Provision Network in Somerset to be set up a brand new youth club located on a bus in Highbridge. The project aims to provide a community based and coordinated approach to supporting young people and giving them access to responsive activities.

The youth club received funding from LiveWest, Somerset County Council, Burnham, and Highbridge Town Council, Homes in Sedgemoor and All Churches to support the running of the Alpha Point bus and features Wi-Fi and IT facilities on board. The bus is aiming to be fully operational in September.             

Sally Hill, LiveWest Community Empowerment Officer said: ''We joined forces with others to set up a networking opportunity and bring partners together. The town council was thrilled for their town to have this resource. It’s fantastic that young people in the area can now attend youth club sessions on the bus and its great news for our LiveWestcustomers in Highbridge, like Jonathan Smith who has a firm place in the bus project. We are planning to now use network model in two further neighbourhoods as this is working out so well.'' 

For more information please email Sally Hill at