Say no to doorstep crime and phone scams

18 July 2018

Doorstep selling includes everything such as double glazing, kitchenware, electricity/gas salespeople (but NOT meter readers), roofing repairs and gardening services.

Please be wary of door to door scammers.

Before you let anyone into your home that you do not know you should ask to see their identification card.

All LiveWest staff and contractors will be carrying an identification card if they call at your home.

If you are a customer in Devon and Cornwall and want more advice on staying safe in your home click here.

If you are a customer in Gloucestershire and the West of England and want more advice click here.

Remember to be on guard regarding telephone scams too. If you receive a call out of the blue and are asked for personal information play it safe and hang up. It is better to hang up on a genuine call and do your research than to risk your personal details and lose your money to a scam. 

Remember, if you have any doubts, just say no.