Rallying call for support of community project

20 November 2018

Champernowne Play Park Group is calling for support from the local community to get behind its campaign to fund replacement play equipment at the once much-used Champernowne play park.

The play park was once a hive of activity in the Champernowne area of Modbury, with an appealing range of play equipment.

Over time the play equipment fell into disrepair and had to be removed, leaving just two swings.  So a group of local mums and volunteers decided to do something about it. 

Their campaign has been selected by Tesco for their Bags of Help Scheme. You can donate your tokens at local Tesco stores.

Monica Yunnie, from Champernowne Playpark Steering Group, said: “We are looking for the community to think of us when they shop in their local Tesco store by placing their shopping tokens in our box. The new play area will mean families and children will once again have a safe space to play. We are almost there!”

The Tesco stores which shoppers are invited to support the group with their tokens are the following:

The estimated cost for a restored play park is £42,000. And so far almost 80% of the budget has been raised with help from South Hams District Council Community Reinvestment Fund, Tesco Bags of Help, the Norman Family Charitable Trust and Devon Safer Communities.

The project was successful in applying to the South Hams Community Reinvestment Fund, which is overseen by South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council.

LiveWest continues to provide staff support and coordination.

Modbury Parish Council has agreed to manage the restored play park and look after routine maintenance. Volunteers have agreed to fundraise every year for a budget to replace worn or broken equipment so the park doesn’t end up like the last one.

Charlotte Holdsworth Community Development Worker from LiveWest said: “There is so much work that goes into a community effort like this, I am so proud of the residents who take great care in their outdoor area.  It brings people together, a common purpose and at the end, a restored play park for children and families.”

A spokesperson for South Hams District Council said: “We were thrilled to be able to assist the residents of Champernowne with their project. It really is a great project and we are always glad to be able to support active communities and empower residents across the South Hams. We hope this last leg of their fundraising goes well.”